Welcome the Night Jam

John Schumacher Yoga GYO at Burts (1).jpg
John Schumacher Yoga GYO at Burts (1).jpg

Welcome the Night Jam


Welcome the Night Jam

Composer: John Schumacher

Recorded: WGTB Live Broadcast, November 1975

Produced: Live


Robert Bradley - Lead Guitar

M.R. Duvall - Electric Bass

Burt Kummerow - Fender Rhodes Piano

John Schumacher - Drums

The three instrumentals, Star Walker, Fantasy Maker  and Welcome the Night  were performed on Georgetown University radio station WGTB on a live broadcast show called Take One.  GYO was down to four players the night of this broadcast and the energy along with the togetherness is strongly pointing to a while new era.  It's unfortunate that the rest of the broadcast has not survived.  Timing is everything and had this leaner and meaner version of the band been around three years earlier, the history of GYO would have been quite different. 


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