Welcome the Night

John Schumacher Yoga GYO at Burts (1).jpg
John Schumacher Yoga GYO at Burts (1).jpg

Welcome the Night


Welcome the Night

Composer: John Schumacher

Recorded: Paragon Studios August 1974

Produced: GYO

Engineer: Tom Turner


George Barnes - Rhythm Guitar

Robert Bradley - Lead Guitar

M.R. Duvall - Electric Bass

Meagan Hahn - Lead Vocal, Tambourine

Burt Kummerow - Fender Rhodes Piano, Vocal, Cowbell

John Schumacher - Flute, Conga Drums, Drums

Three tunes: Welcome the Night, Night Wing, and Nana were recorded for a demo tape at the Paragon Studios Session on an eight-track tape recorder. We finished up the recording the day that Nixon resigned the presidency. 

BKK played superlative cowbell on Welcome the Night. Whatever his other skills, he pronounced himself the "world's greatest cowbell player," and had many broken drum sticks and bruised fingers to prove it. 


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