See Me Thru

John Schumacher Yoga GYO at Burts (1).jpg
John Schumacher Yoga GYO at Burts (1).jpg

See Me Thru


See Me Thru

Composer: Robert Bradley

Recorded: Track Studios, April 1975

Produced: GYO

Engineer: Doug Dickey


Robert Bradley - Lead Guitar

M.R. Duvall - Electric Bass, Rhythm Guitar

Burt Kummerow - Piano, Keyboards, Vocal

John Schumacher - Drums

See Me Thru and Star Walker were produced by GYO in concert with our friend Gary Burke. With Gary's help, these tunes incorporated more "production value" than GYO's previous work.  The notion here was to create songs that had "commercial potential".  Miles Lourie (Barry Manilow's manager at the time) said that he "liked the tunes very much" from the Paragon demo and that we should "send him up a hit".  Needless to say, he did not hear a hit; even with the F15 fighter jet taking off at the beginning of Star Walker. Bob's incredibly powerful and energetic guitar work still makes my hair stand straight up. 


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