Night Wing

John Schumacher Yoga GYO at Burts (1).jpg
John Schumacher Yoga GYO at Burts (1).jpg

Night Wing


Night Wing

Composers: Meagan Hahn, Burt Kummerow

Recorded: Paragon Studios August 1974

Produced: GYO

Engineer: Tom Turner


George Barnes - Rhythm Guitar

Robert Bradley - Lead Guitar

M.R. Duvall - Electric Bass, Vocal

Meagan Hahn - Lead Vocal, Tambourine

Burt Kummerow - Fender Rhodes Piano, Vocal

John Schumacher - Flute, Conga Drums, Trap Drums

Three tunes: Welcome the Night, Night Wing, and Nana were recorded for a demo tape at the Paragon Studios Session on an eight-track tape recorder. We finished up the recording the day that Nixon resigned the presidency. 


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